50 Cent Has Headphones Now

sport headphones 50 cent sms audio

Slightly cheaper than the overhyped Beats by Dre, SMS Audio Street by 50 ($121 @ Amazon.com) wired on-ear headphones feature a detachable cord (which means you’re tangle-free) and the memory foam ear pads will make your ears feel like they’re being hugged by a marshmallow donut. Add noise cancellation, a removable three-click microphone, enhanced bass, and folding hinges for easy transport and you’ll be ready to tune out everything from ambient noise to idiots grunting at the gym to your girlfriend complaining about her day during dinner. Actually, rethink that last one …

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A carrying case and cleaning cloth are also stocked in the box, with color options including: black, white, blue, green, pink, red, teal and orange. Our advice: Stay as far away from the teal as possible.