6 Sport Headphones For Less Than $50

5 Great Sport Headphones For Less Than $50

It’s hard enough to find the motivation to train. You know, with TV, and Facebook, and Candy Crush and … about a billion other things to do. But for those of us who do find the time to work off our beer guts, not all of us train inside of a gym. Some of us swim in pools, skateboard outside, or … sit on the couch and control someone who’s doing an activity through our game console (Hey, we didn’t make up the term eSports, we’re just going with it).

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Point is, you need a good pair of sport headphones to compliment whatever activity you’re involved with. And if you want to keep it to $50 and under, here are a few great headphones options …

sport headphones for men zipbuds#1. For Any Athlete Lacking Patience: Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 Never Tangle Earbuds ($25 without a mic / $40 with a mic @ Amazon.com)

The good: We tried our best to tangle these suckers into knots and our best efforts went for, uh, naught. Using a zipper as the cord — what’s referred to as a “vertabrea” design — has erased that without adding a burdensome amount of weight.

The bad: You need to pay an extra $15 for a microphone/remote to take calls or control volume. Still, it’s worth it.

The fugly: Only available in black, blue, pink, and glow-in-the-dark — the last option being suitable for night runners who aren’t fans of being flattened by automobiles. That’s a lame “fugly” entry, but it’s because these are pretty sweet headphones that are priced right.