6 Books That’ll Make You Smarter, Stronger, Or Healthier

dude you're getting married

With all of the drinking, TV watching, and video game playing we do, it’s hard to find time to read. So when we do, it’s important to make it count. Sometimes we’re in search of useless factoids, irreverent humor, de-stressing techniques, parenting tips written in a voice that doesn’t sound like a pedantic grade school teacher, or tips on building muscles from a tatted up dude with ripped muscles. Any of these seven books fit that bill.

Pictured: 1 & 2: Dude, You’re Getting Married!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Big Day ($11 @ Amazon.com) and Dude, You’re a Dad!: How to Get (All of You) Through Your Baby’s First Year ($10 @ Amazon.com)

You can rely on trial and error to get yourself through a wedding or the birth of your first child, but you’ll save yourself some headaches and prepare better with these two easy-to-read manuals. Since you won’t buy wedding or Parenting magazines, these two books are all you’ll need. From budgets, guest lists and bachelor party planning to dealing with late-night feedings and sleepless nights, these two books will help you handle it all in in stride.

this-is-what-you-just-put-in-your-mouth#3. This Is What You Just Put In Your Mouth? ($11 @ Amazon.com)

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in a can of Spam? What about Play-Doh? In this book, Patrick Di Justo answers these questions while he talks about what exactly is in the everyday products we take for granted. Don’t you want to know what you are putting in your body?


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