6 Books That’ll Make You Smarter, Stronger, Or Healthier

what did we do before toilet paper#6. What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? ($11 @ Amazon.com)

Why does catnip affect cats? How do mirrors work? How can you tell if someone is lying? And, of course, what did we use before toilet paper? If you’re like us and yearn to know the answers to these seemingly useless questions, this book of obscure Q&A will tickle your fancy. Sadly, that’s not a sexual reference.


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home remedies#7. Organic Home Remedies: 7 Herbal Cures for Daily Pains & Ailments ($1 @ Amazon.com)

Popping pills isn’t a good habit to pick up. Instead, learning holistic methods to dealing with daily daily aches and pains is a far better option. Even better news, it doesn’t have to be the more difficult route, either.