7 Of The Best Men’s Briefcases That Fuse Style With Function

best briefcases for men

Will owning one of the best briefcases for men make or break your odds at scoring a job or getting a raise? Probably not. However, the right briefcase is a piece to a larger puzzle. Why? Because details matter. From the condition of your shoes to the lingo you use to the ways in which you interact at out-of-office functions with co-workers. It all matters.

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So, since you have to lug things to and from work on a daily basis — laptop, lunch, cords, chargers, etc. — it pays to put some time and thought into a cool briefcase. These are some of the best looking and coolest leather briefcases for men that we could roundup. Best of all, they’re on sale at the moment.

Blueblue sky leather briefcase for men
#1 . Bluebell Sky Messenger Laptop Bag ($159 @ Amazon.com)

It’s versatile in the sense that it can pass as a laptop bag, messenger bag, handbag or briefcase. The genuine leather exterior gives men a stylish look, while the inner is lined with a  durable fabric that has multiple compartments for things like your phone, wallet, pens, files, portable vaporizer, or Sega Game Gear (remember those?).


Kattee Crazy Horse leather briefcase for men
#2. Kattee Crazy Horse Laptop Bag ($159 @ Amazon.com)

Made of Crazy Horse  brand cow leather — hence the name of the bag — the main pocket sections have firm zipper closures. Users can zip up the inside pockets for enhanced document security. (It’s one of the best briefcases for hiding your resume from co-workers after you go on a covert job interview during your lunch hour.)  Additional features include a wallet holder, phone pocket, pen pocket, and backside zipper pockets. The briefcase section houses the laptop — up to 16 inches — and the  detachable and adjustable shoulder strap gives you options as to how you want to lug your new bag from A to B.