Video: Reporter Drops F-Bomb, Quits On Live TV

It’s not the most professional way to quit your job, but nobody can argue the effectiveness of dropping an F-bomb and walking out. That’s precisely what Reporter Charlo Greene, a now-former on-air personality at KTVA-TV, did when she came out to her audience during a live broadcast. And by coming out we of course mean outing herself as the owner of a medical marijuana business in Alaska.

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Gerene was doing a report on The Alaska Cannabis Club before … well, that’s where the video picks up. In short, Greene drops a magnificent F-bomb, reveals herself as the owner of the weed club, and then karate chops the camera guy before walking out in a blaze of glory. Okay, one of those things never happened. We’ll let you watch the video find figure out which. (You can read the entire story here, if you feel like it.)

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That said, we don’t suggest you quit your job this way for a bunch of reasons. One, although if your story reaches the internet you’ll be a hero to some, you risk alienating yourself to future employers. So it’s cool to give a “Fuck it!” if you’re pulling in loads of cash from your local pot organization, but not so great if you’re going to be needing things like positive references and a new job.

Instead, try writing a decent resignation letter — How To Write a Resignation Letter — or using these tips: Quit Your Job Like A Man.