6 Headphones Endorsed By Celebrities

soul by ludacris#3. SOUL by Ludacris SL100RB Ultra Dynamic On-Ear Headphones ($100 @ Amazon.com)
With a cool and edgy look, the on-ear SOUL headphones from Ludicrous are also durable and adequate that provide sound for all types of tunes, which makes them a great option for commuters.

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jay z aviator#4. Skullcandy Roc National Aviator Chrome/Black Mic3 ($120 @ Amazon.com)
One, they look badass. Two, they look rugged. Three … do we really need a three? Oh, yes! They sound incredible. The memory-foam-lined ear pieces feature a leather cover to provide a comfy cup. What’s more, they’re lightweight, sturdy, and have a mic for taking calls on your smartphone or frantically yelling “mayday!” to as your drone heads for a rocky or watery grave. Oh, by the way, they’re associated with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. 

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tim mcgraw jbl harmon kardon#5. JBL TMG81B Tim McGraw Series On-Ear Headphones ($40 @ Amazon.com)
Associated with country star Tim McGraw, this foldable and affordable JBL headset supplies amazing sound on the go — whether you’re listening to country, hip hop, punk rock, or Gregorian chant.