7 Protein Powders That Can Help You Build Muscle

different types of proteins for men
You don’t have to be a gym rat with drams of being the next Mr. Olympia to take a protein supplement. Sure, protein is essential to keeping muscles fed, but it’s imperative that you get enough protein in your diet to keep nails, hair, and skin properly nourished. And as it happens, there are numerous types of protein supps on the market that you can dump into your post-workout shakes. The most popular being …

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optimum whey standard gold

Along with creatine, whey protein is arguably the most popular weightlifting supplement on the market. Why? It works. This quick-digesting protein feeds hungry muscles and supplies important things like  antioxidants to help boost the immune system. The high level of the amino acid cysteine is also beneficial.

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soy protein#2. SOY PROTEIN
Take in moderation. Soy protein has become a hot topic among meatheads and eggheads regarding its potential health risks, including messing with hormones and increasing risk of certain cancers. However, nothing has been totally verified at this point, and taking soy moderately can potentially lower cholesterol and bolster your immune system.

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