6 Insane Sports That’d Make The Winter Olympics Cooler

Equestrian skijoring originated in Scandinavia as a mode of transportation through wintry conditions. Then some genius realized it could be turned into a sport. Just throw on a pair of skis, lasso yourself a stallion, and try not to die as your trusty steed races over wintry terrain and huge jumps.

And if you’re looking for another fun icy way to try not to die, try motorized skijoring, where you hitch a ride on the back of a snowmobile.awesome winter sports you won't see at the olympics

Feeling suicidal? Make this your new hobby. If you make it out alive, great. If not, success! All you need to do is ski down a mountain, launch yourself off of a cliff, pull a parachute, and cross your fingers that you don’t end up inside a tree.