7 Video Games for Guys Who
Don’t Like Video Games

games for guys who hate games

Most of us spent countless hours in an arcade or glued to a couch playing video games when we were growing up. We happily gave up the chance to touch boobs to blow up the scoreboard in Madden, collect pieces of the Triforce, or cruise around Vice City in search of hookers.

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But not all of us stayed the course. Some guys dropped off and decided video games were beneath them … or they got distracted when they finally did touch some boobs. So while we all have at least one friend who left his gaming in the past, there are still video games out there that he’ll enjoy if he’s into things like trivia, comic book movies, and driving recklessly.

#1. You Don’t Know Jack
You Don’t Know Jack is a trivia game that pits up to four players in a battle to weed out the dumbest person in the group. Gameplay moves quick and it takes no skill or memorization of combos or controls to play. It’s also a great way to get to know people (read: women) at a party; along with standard trivia style questioning, you’ll also veer into lateral-thinking territory (“Which of these hairy Harry Potter characters has the least melanin in his hair”?” or “If Joan of Arc revealed her ‘visions’ on the Dr. Phil show, what would he tell her?”).

NBA Jam and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
Chances are your buddy played NBA Jam back in the day, so he knows you don’t need to study Tex Winter’s Triangle Offense to come out the victor. It’s two-on-two basketball with one objective: score more points than your opponent. The color commentators say more than they used to. Two notables include “Oh, I love it when you call me big blocker!” and “Like my wife’s top drawer, nothing but nylon!”