6 Kitchen Gadgets For Making Homemade Pasta

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Dry pasta is cheap and easy. (Insert “Your Mom” joke here.) Fresh pasta, on the other hand, takes longer to prep — you have to make the dough with a combo of wheat flour, whole eggs, oil, and salt, and then blend, knead, and roll it out with a variety of kitchen gadgets. But the payoff is well worth it — especially if you’re cooking for a lady friend.

Not only does fresh pasta taste way better (unless you screw it up), it also makes you look like an expert chef who spent the whole day in the kitchen. But neither of those things actually has to be true if you have the right kitchen gadgets for making homemade pasta.


Screen shot 2011 08 16 at 10.44.05 AMAtlas Marcato Pasta Machine ($80)
Relax, it’s not as fancy or hard to use as it looks. All you need to do is load in the pasta, crank the handle, and watch smooth sheets shoot out the other end. You can also control the pasta’s thickness with an adjustable dial. Although the pasta machine has the ability to create more than 15 different types of pasta, the company apparently wanted to make a profit and requires customers to purchase separate attachments to make spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna. Jerks.