How To Look More Confident

How To Look More ConfidentWhether you know it or not, pretty much every move you make affects the way women perceive your confidence level. From how you sit and stand to the way you move your arms and fingers, you’re subconsciously telling them — whether they even realize it or not — that you’re cool as ice … or a quivering puddle of nerves.

In other words, if you know what you’re doing, you can either project actual confidence or fake it. We asked body language expert Janine Driver, author of the New York Times bestseller You Say More Than You Think and president of the Body Language Institute, to show us the skills you need to look like the coolest guy at the bar.How To Develop A Harder Slap Shot

Confident people take up space, so even if you’re as tiny as Mini-Me, you need to puff yourself up. “Spread your body out,” Driver says. “If you’re seated on a stool, put your ankle across your knee instead of having both legs on the stool. If you’re standing, have one hand on your hip and the other pressing against a wall, the bar, or a chair.”