6 Things Modern Men Keep In Their Pockets

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There are several items modern men consider essentials or an absolute must-have in their pockets daily. These items help make their day more convenient, comfortable, and productive. Some of them may even allow a man to save money for the long term. Because of the value and comfort these things contribute, many consider it quite a hassle to spend a day outside without them. 

These items are also known as EDC, but what is EDC? It stands for everyday carry. Such items vary depending on one’s lifestyle. However, there are common ones every man would consider necessary.

If you’d like to know more about what modern men consider pocket essentials, have a look at the examples below: 

  • Mobile Phone

The majority of the global population opts to do many tasks and transactions using their mobile. From managing work-related communication to paying bills and making online purchases, mobile phones have become a reliable and convenient tool for many. Its purposefulness and convenience make having it within reach essential for the modern gentleman, especially those who are always on the go.  

  • Wallet

Although many financial transactions can be done online nowadays, it’s still practical and convenient to have cash on hand anywhere. Preparing a sufficient amount of this could be highly useful for emergencies, and it also allows you to go to establishments that prefer cash transactions. Given this, leaving the house without your wallet is almost unthinkable.  

Apart from cash, wallets also hold some of the most important documents and items that a man may need daily. For instance, a card holder wallet allows the user to organize credit cards, membership cards, fuel cards, and forms of identification which all come in handy in everyday situations.      

  • Keys 

Whether you’re taking your car or commuting, it’s crucial to have your keys secured in your pocket at all times. Carrying your keys in your pocket helps you avoid misplacing them, leaving them inside your vehicle, or locked inside your home. Losing your keys or leaving them behind can be inconvenient, so it’s always best to take them with you all the time.  

Aside from the inconvenience it may bring, locking yourself out of the house or your car also entails costs for hiring a locksmith or repairing a broken car window. Thus, your pocket is still the best place to keep your keys.  

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  • Pen

A pen is also an essential everyday tool for modern men. It’s convenient to have one within reach anytime you need to take note of phone numbers, addresses, and other information. You also need a pen ready when you need to sign bills, receipts, or documents. It’s always ideal to have one whether you’re at work, on the road, or running errands. Given its usefulness, it’s wise to have it ready in your pocket before you leave home. 

  • Notepad

Whether for house chores or any other purpose, you can always find a small notepad essential. Having one stashed in your pocket conveniently allows you to write down anything that comes to mind or note down important information that you may need later on. For instance, if you want to save money on your groceries, you may write down only the necessities on your notepad to avoid buying unnecessary things. 

While some prefer to use a notepad application on their mobile phones and gadgets, others find using a real notepad more reliable and convenient. Also, some people are used to organizing notes in a certain way, and having a notebook to write in makes it easier for them to compile information more efficiently.  

  • Mini Tools

Several pocket tools could come in handy for everyday tasks or activities. For instance, you may need a small pocket knife to open food packaging or cut paper. Some multitools also include a corkscrew for opening a bottle of wine and a bottle opener for beer. With that said, it would be wise to have a pocket-sized multitool within reach anytime. 

Aside from corkscrew and knives, some also include penlights or flashlights in their everyday carry as they can be helpful in any situation where you need an alternative light source. For example, you can use your pocket light when looking for small items inside the car and its compartments, such as the glove box or the trunk.  


Having your EDCs ready every time you leave home may help you feel more confident, prepared, and comfortable during the day. These items also allow you to be more self-reliant since you have the essential tools to care for your needs and complete your tasks. Moreover, you can avoid inconveniences and unnecessary expenses when you have your EDCs on hand. 

Thus, it’s essential to have a mental checklist of all your EDCs and ensure you have them before stepping out. It can also be helpful to organize them effectively for easier access and improved convenience. Also, having your EDCs well-organized can help you quickly identify if anything’s missing or out of place.