6 Tips To Help You Lose Your Gut

tips for losing your gut

Make sure protein is on the menu of each meal or snack — a protein bar or shake, or something lean like fish or turkey. A daily protein bar “is a quick and efficient way to control hunger and supplies your body with the right fat burning nutrients,” Dr. Life says. “Protein assists with a variety of bodily functions, including building muscle.”

The US Department of Agriculture suggests that guys ages 19 and up should consume at least .8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. For you math whizzes out there, that’s .37 grams per pound.

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You should have listened to Mom. Eating the proper amount of veggies ensures you’re consuming essential vitamins and minerals; plus, vegetables are a key to getting the proper amount of fiber in your diet. Read: So you can stay regular. “Eat vegetables with every meal,” he advises. “Vegetables help to reduce the risk of heart disease and help to lower calorie intake.”