7 Beers You Should Drink This Spring

Spring Beers ModernMan.com3. Magic Hat Vinyl
Once a tiny operation, this Vermont brewery is now cranking out 400 beers a minute, and Vinyl is their spring batch. It’s an amber lager with a bit of spice and fruit in the taste. Its malty and sweet flavor blends well with a plate of paella or a burger. Bonus: It’s got a trippy-looking label. What does that do for you or your BAC levels? Absolutely nothing.

Spring Beers ModernMan.com4. Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale
Brewed in Chicago, this straw-colored beer features lots of flavor, a creamy body, and a modest 4.2 percent ABV. The low alcohol content might cause drunken skeeves beer fanboys to scoff, but it tastes delicious; since 2006, the brew has earned three gold medals and a bronze at the Great American Beer Festival.

Spring Beers ModernMan.com5. Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest
Made with three varieties of flavorful “southern hemisphere” hops that are flown in from New Zealand and brewed a week after picking, this ale has 6.7 percent ABV, bright orange coloring, and a slightly sweet, peppery, and grapefruity taste. Try it with Thai food, sharp bleu cheese, and seafood or poultry dishes.