7 Beers You Should Drink This Spring

Spring Beers ModernMan.com6. Abita Beer’s Purple Haze
We’re not fans of many things purple: that obnoxious singing dinosaur, the Minnesota Vikings’ ass-ugly uniforms, or any of Prince’s unitards. But Purple Haze is an exception; this wheat-based beer has raspberry puree added to it after filtration, which gives it its “purple haze” coloring and a fruity taste. The raspberry adds a tart flavor, but it’s not as harsh as that of a sour Jolly Rancher. “It’s not a sweet beer by any stretch,” Monterosso said. Read: Don’t judge it by its label.

Spring Beers ModernMan.com7. Dogfish Head Aprihop
This India pale ale is 7 percent ABV and contains what the company calls “irresponsible amounts” of Amarillo hops. Since we’re rebels who throw caution to the wind — and big fans of hoppy beers — Aprihop suits us just fine. You’ll also find apricots and a slight hint of fruit flavor, which will pair well with Mexican food, barbecue, or hummus. If you want some, better hurry — this seasonal ale is only available from March through May.