7 Essential Rules For Matching Men’s Accessories

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Every little detail matters when you’re choosing the outfit you’re going to wear. The same goes for your accessories. As much as most of us consider them an option, accessories could be the decider on whether your outfit is a success or not.

However, this all depends on how you try to match the two. For instance, a stainless steel watch to go with a fitting suite will give you a touch of sophistication. Here are 7 important tips that will help you put together a complete outfit.

1. Match the Color of Your Belt To Your Shoes

Most guys probably know this already but they don’t really put it into practice. Matching your shoes to your belt is very essential. It creates a uniformed aesthetic that makes you look highly professional. 

2. Wear Versace Accessories

The Versace fashion house is famous around the world for its bold, elegant, and luxurious style of fashion. This makes their accessories a must-have for men who want to be synonymous with a glamorous lifestyle. 

3. Match Your Sunglasses to the Formality of Your Outfit

A lot of people tend to ignore just how much the style of sunglasses matters. They are meant to protect your eyes from the sun but they also add a touch of style to your look. Make sure you choose the right sunglasses to go with the right outfit, for the right occasion.

4. Choose the Ideal Wristwatch

The kind of wristwatch you wear will say a lot about your personality. Therefore, having at least two watches is necessary. One watch can be for special events such as weddings, business meetings, and going on dates. The other can be for everyday use. 

5. Match Your Metals

Metals are shiny and as such, are likely to draw a lot of attention. Maintaining the same tone for the cufflinks, timepiece, rings, or necklace you have on will give you the much sought after elegant and refined look.

6.   Choose a Good Tie

The right tie should be conspicuous while maintaining a few colors from the overall color scheme of your outfit. Try and go for less vibrant colors if you intend to wear a printed tie. Patterns show more personality whereas dark colors are more versatile and will balance out the tone.

7. Mind the Weather

This might seem obvious but it’s worth pointing out. It’s important that you consider the temperatures and overall weather before you start picking out your accessories. Don’t wear a scarf in hot weather just because it goes great with your jeans. That might be true but is it so necessary that you end up being sweaty for the entire day?

Your Confidence Is Your Most Important Accessory

Men’s accessories like belts, ties, cufflinks, and wallets may seem subtle and pretty straightforward. However, a lot of men still struggle with matching their accessories and outfit.  The right choice of accessories will complement your look and help you project confidence. Don’t hesitate to try unconventional ideas. After all, what matters is that you find a style that suits you and makes you look good.