7 Manly Ways To Smell Better This Spring

11619710021#5. Anthony Logistics for Men Continuous Moisture Eye Cream ($30 @ Amazon.com)

It may have been fun marathoning video games and TV over the winter, but it may have made your beleaguered eyes puffy and sore. Counteract that and crow’s feet at bay with Anthony Logistics for Men Continuous Moisture Eye Cream. The anti-aging repair system is rich with jojoba oil, shea butter, and squalene (a chemopreventative oil, which sounds more alarming than it is) for hydration. Vitamins A, C, and E firm, tone, and hide dark circles, while a clean-smelling cucumber extract adds a soothing effect. And along with taking care of your face, a portion of each sale is donated to finding a cure for prostate cancer.

lab series face wash manly ways to smell better#6. Lab Series Face Wash For Men ($19 @ Amazon.com)

Action Face Wash not only sluffs off dry, zombie skin for a deep clean that reduces fine lines, but it also has a non-overpowering scent that you’ll be able to deal with. It’s a tiny bottle, but it’ll last since all you’ll need is a little bit each morning and night.

Spring Dry Goods Athletic Spray2#7. Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder ([email protected] Amazon.com)

If you’re hitting the track or the gym to work off winter pounds, you know you’re going to get a little … gamey down there. While powder is probably the best protection against excessive foot and jock moisture (which leads to foul odors), applying it can be tedious and messy. Enter Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder. The point-and-shoot supplies even powder application where you need it, not all over the floor or on your clothes.