7 Small Pieces of Furniture For Small Places

mm small aptWe can’t all live in 4,000-square-foot megahomes unless we’re willing to squat in one that’s been abandoned due to foreclosure. Which, come to think of it, we’re totally willing to do.

Uh, that said, if you do live in a tiny apartment or a small starter home, your small place shouldn’t be crammed with huge furniture. Instead, you need to find cool, small pieces of furniture that utilize space smartly or serve more than one function. From a cabinet that transforms into a desk to a couch that morphs into a sweet bunk bed, here are eight pieces of furniture people who live in small places — and have no plans to take cold-hearted advantage of the housing crisis — should definitely consider.

 couchThe Doc sofa-bunk bed ($6,500)
Complete with a foldout ladder and a safety rail, the Doc looks much classier and is more fun to jump off of than a normal dorm-room futon … but it also costs a little more. The Doc’s covers come off and are washable, but that may not be as important a feature since, unlike a futon, it doesn’t allow two people to actually sleep together.

desk splitscreenConvertible Desk ($165)
Keep your place free from clutter with a desk that’s compact but large enough to store office supplies, papers, and mail. When you want to conceal your workspace and utilize that space to practice your pop and locking, simply fold the desk and legs up and lock them into place.