7 Things Everyone Saw In The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

It seems like every Star Wars nerd this side of Hoth has dissected every Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, trailer, or photo still in search of some earth-shattering Easter egg or plot hint. Well, we’ve watched this trailer no less than 284 times and come up with … nothing new. However, we did find a handful of obvious observations that any person with a worked set of peepers would have seen, such as …

star wars force awakens

9 seconds in — A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reject breaks rule No. 1 and looks directly into the camera.

star wars force awakens

37 seconds in — The Occupy Jedi rally proves to be less eventful than a Trump rally.

star wars force awakens

39 seconds in — This dude heard the name Trump and bolted the rally. Wise move, sir. 

star wars force awakens darth vader

57 seconds in — Clearly, nobody has bothered to dust Darth Vader’s helmet in at least a week or two.

star wars

1:17 in — C-3P0 drops acid and sees this.

star wars force awakens

1:40 in — A moronic one-gloved Michael Jackson fan mistakenly believes R2-D2 is his pet.

star wars force awakens

1:55 in — A welder and his co-workers throw a rave around a fire pit. Cover is $5 a head.

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