8 Great Style Tips for Short Men

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Not all of us are born tall, and sometimes this can impact our confidence. While we should always wear what makes us feel comfortable, it’s understandable if you want to try some different techniques to keep yourself looking your best. Whether it’s just for an event or for everyday wear, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.

Below, we are going to discuss eight great style tips for short men. Interested? Then keep on reading!

Wear tight-fitted clothing

While loose-fitting garments can be comfortable, they aren’t the best if you want to make yourself appear taller. In many cases, they can make you look younger and smaller since they drown out your features and distort your body. When shopping for new pieces, opt for those that are fitted, regardless of your body shape. However, be careful not to choose something that is too tight as this can also impact your overall appearance. 

Boost your height with elevator shoes

If you’re looking for an actual way to become taller, then the best way is to consider using height-boosting footwear. These elevator shoes for men come in a range of different colors and styles so that you have something to pair with every outfit. However, there are also some great versatile options for new-time wearers. Another idea is to use lifts, which can be placed inside most regular shoes. However, these are not always as comfortable.

Choose accessories carefully

While you might not believe it, accessories play a very big part in the overall appearance of your outfit. For short men, it’s crucial that you select them carefully. Items that are too big or ones that contrast greatly should be avoided. Instead, opt for slim belts and watches. If you want to add a pop of color, a lovely men’s scarf can be a great option. Don’t be afraid to trial and experiment with different things! At the end of the day, that’s what fashion is all about.

Avoid large patterns

Just like you should stay away from bulky accessories, you also want to avoid any large patterns. For example, a thick striped shirt may make you appear shorter; however, one with thin lines may add height and elongate your body. When browsing around, try keeping this example in mind. It’s a simple step that can make a big difference. 

Stick with similar contrast clothing

Another great way to make yourself look taller is to stick with similar contrast clothing. This will help add height rather than distort it. For example, if you choose light-colored pants, stick with a light-colored top. On the other hand, if you select a black shirt, it’s best to pair it with darker colored pants. While this rule doesn’t have to be followed (different items can sometimes work well together), it’s still a good tip to keep in mind

Shop for the essentials

Essentials are fashion pieces that every individual needs, like a white t-shirt or pair of jeans. However, these can be a little different for shorter men. If you’re wanting to build up your wardrobe, items like a cropped jacket, chunky shoes, and high-waisted trousers are all excellent options. On top of this, each of them can be styled in a number of different ways, making them perfect for everyday wear. If you often attend events, don’t forget a slim-fitted suit that can undoubtedly make you stand out of the crowd.

Head to a tailor for clothing with a better fit

Not all clothing is designed for short men, which makes it challenging to find appropriate items. If you’re having trouble when shopping around, then a great idea is to visit a tailor. They will be able to ensure all of your garments fit correctly and even give you extra styling advice. While it can be expensive, it can also be worth it. Check out how to find a tailor for more information!

Be confident 

Lastly, the most crucial step to make yourself appear taller is to be as confident as possible. Stand with your head high, wear what makes you feel your best, and don’t be afraid to own being short! We are all unique, and it’s important that we embrace it. While these tips can help you, you shouldn’t rely on them all the time. It’s best to always be yourself!

And that’s it! These were eight different style tips for short men. What do you think? Is there anything else that you would add to this list?