9 Surprising Things That Turn Women On

Darth Vader voiced by James Earl Jones
Darth Vader

While the ability to telekinetically crush a skeptical general’s larynx is bound to make chicks tingle in the nether regions, the post-pubescent voice of evil Anakin Skywalker is what launches them into hyperspace. A 2007 study by American and Canadian scientists confirmed that men with deep voices are believed to be more dominant, healthier, and masculine than their Beiber-toned brethren.

According to a sample of 100 Tanzanian tribesmen and women — with no access to contraceptives, or other influential variables — there is a link between a deep voice and a large family; dudes with deep voices fathered the most children. Case-in-point, the late Barry White, whose timbre helped him father eight children. His poor sons; can you imagine having to seduce women by playing songs sung by your dad? <<shudder>>