9 Of The Best Shampoos For Men

best men's shampoo for dyed or highlighted hair khiel's#4. Your Hair Type: Dyed or highlighted

You’re hiding a little gray. Or are on the run from the law. Or you’re just a sucker for those Touch of Grey commercials.

Shampoo Rx: Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo ($18 from Amazon.com)

Little-known fact: Strands of hair look like straws up close, and when you dye them, you empty the straws then fill them with color. In that process, you lose a lot of moisture and damage the hair — so you need a shampoo that’s all about hydration.

This product is filled with moisturizers like avocado oil and olive fruit oil. In fact, it’s so rich that you can even get away with skipping conditioner.

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