9 Things To Know Before Getting a Dog

things guy should know about dogs

It’s no accident that dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. They love you unconditionally, they protect your stuff, they’re unparalleled chick magnets, and, like you, show no shame when it comes to pissing in public.

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But dogs are also a lot of work to care for. So it pays to school yourself on some basics about dogs. Like, for example, these nine things …

9 Things Guys Should Know Before Getting a Dog pit bull

#1. Pit Bulls Aren’t Evil
A couple of kids get their faces gnawed off and people develop an irrational fear of pit bulls. When any dog breed — pit bull, golden retriever, labradoodle — goes to the Michael Vick School of Dog Training of course it can go haywire and cause damage. When trained properly, pit bulls can be sweet, lovable, and loyal pets. Granted, they can be dominant and might not be the best starter dog, but don’t turn your nose up at them just because of the breed. That’s basically being a dog racist. And nobody likes a dog racist.