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It’s no secret that online dating has grown in popularity over the last decade with meeting online becoming the most common way new couples meet per a study from Stanford University in 2019. This shift can be attributed to several factors, including advancements in technology, changing societal norms, and the increasing busyness of modern lifestyles. The growth of online dating has opened new avenues for individuals to explore romantic relationships, providing them with a convenient and accessible platform to seek love and companionship.

Moreover, online dating has gained popularity due to the changing societal attitudes towards relationships. In the past, there was often a stigma associated with meeting someone online, with many people considering it an unconventional or desperate approach. However, as technology became more integrated into our daily lives, so did the acceptance of online dating. Today, it is seen as a mainstream method of meeting potential partners, and the stigma has significantly diminished.

But every shift in culture comes with its nuances and hurdles to overcome. For starters, while dating online has grown in acceptance, it’s a community that is heavily dominated by men who comprise 60-80% of the population on dating apps (varies by platform). Furthermore, many apps leverage algorithms that rank users based on their perceived attraction and prioritize only the most exceptional profiles. Combine this with the imbalance between gender populations and many men find themselves on these dating apps with few matches and opportunities for love.

Faced with this dilemma, the common response is to search online for answers, however as anyone who has googled “how to get more likes on my dating profile” knows, the results are often flimsy at best. The sea of responses is congested with self-proclaimed gurus or pick-up artists. They charge hundreds of dollars and often proclaim harmful techniques like “negging” or “love-bombing” as toxic ways to garner attention from women.

So what are men who don’t want to adopt perverse strategies left with? We had a chance to go through Adept Dating’s newest book, “How to Succeed at Online Dating: The Comprehensive Guide for the Modern Man” and we think this might be the solution men have been looking for.

The content comes in at roughly 3-4 hours of length which one can breeze through in an afternoon. It starts with an honest self-evaluation of where one sits today and what they hope to achieve from online dating. The book covers health recommendations to ensure men are bringing their best selves to the dating realm. An overview of how dating apps work is followed by a deep dive into the most popular apps people are using today to find love and how to tailor your approach with each platform. Examples are shared for how to craft an enticing profile and real-life interactions are reviewed so men can stop spending hours chatting on the apps and convert these matches into in-person dates. Finally, the book covers how to present yourself and stand out among the sea of other men on the first date.

Our favorite part though is the perspective on how to handle the emotional toll of the apps themselves.  As many leading publications like The New York Times and BBC have discussed, burnout is extremely common with online dating and users can sometimes find themselves spiraling when dates don’t go the way they intended. The book shares exceptional insight on how to manage these stresses and minimize its impact on your daily life.

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to the apps, and the book admits that at the onset. But there are a lot of simple missteps men make when presenting themselves that can be avoided. Leaning on research from a wide variety of sources alongside interviews with women actively using the apps, clear effort has been put in to ensure the recommendations are well-rounded and validated with the women on the other side of the exchange.

Dating online is showing no signs of slowing down, The Match Group (owner of Tinder, Match, Hinge and other dating platforms) has shown consistent historical growth in users and forecasts these figures to only continue expanding. For men looking to improve their experience on the apps, hope might just be around the corner. Learn more about Adept Dating and their new book by visiting: https://adeptdating.com