6 Adult Coloring Books For Guys — That’s Right, Coloring Books


We don’t judge, so if you want to pick yourself up an adult coloring book, go for it. And why not? You deserve to pamper yourself by showing the world you’re capable of coloring within the lines. However, we’re thinking they make better gifts for specific people. These six options cover random humor gifts, presents for perverted friends, and girlfriend-specific options that double as stress-relief activities. Of course, they can also just live in your bathroom for people to pick up when they’re taking a pit stop at your pad. Either way, here you go …

Unicorns are JerksUnicorns Are Jerks ($7 @ Amazon.com)
If you’ve ever been annoyed by a unicorn texting in a movie theater — and let’s be honest, who hasn’t? — you’ll enjoy this mockery of those dicks with 18 cartoons that demonstrate just how awful they really are.

zombie250The Zombie Apocalypse: The Almost Adult Coloring Book ($6.50 @ Amazon.com)
If you’re sick of waiting for The Walking Dead to resume (and seriously, why can’t those actors just work year-round so we don’t have to keep waiting?), this book filled with the living dead should tide you over. With 30 grotesque zombies to choose from, you can be any disgusting creature you want. Luck you, sicko!

Coloring for Adults 2Coloring Book For Adults 2: Funny and Sexy Pictures ($8.75 @ Amazon.com)
Some people might think of this adult coloring book as crass and smut, and we refer to those people as “pricks we never want to encounter.” So yeah, the book is filled with suggestive photos and a boob here and there. If anything it’ll be a change from looking at boobs on your computer monitor. And remember, kids — change is good.

Color me CalmColor Me Calm ($11 @ Amazon.com)
Meditating has been proven to de-stress people and enables them to get into a deep feeling of relaxation. And we bet you want nothing to do with meditation still. Fine by us. If you don’t want to use this book to shake off frustration, maybe a friend or girlfriend you know might enjoy coloring their way through a wooded scene or spiritual patterns. Alternatively, you can take acid or eat mushrooms, color in the totally tripped designs, brah.

Secret GardenSecret Garden ($12 @ Amazon.com)
Another good option for the overworked or overstressed or “my girlfriend needs a goddam hobby” crowd. There are lots of intricate designs to focus on, and the patterns feature hidden creatures that will come to life and bite your nuts off if you go outside of the lines. We’re kidding, obviously. They only bite off fingers.

Coloring for GrownupsColoring for Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book ($9 @ Amazon.com)
With more than 50 entertaining activities that includes puzzles, coloring, word finds, and connect the dots. It’s a book people judge by the cover and pick up if they see it sitting around your pad — wouldn’t you? — and is written by two comedy vets that’ll no doubt make you laugh.

If you’re looking for a creative outlet that’s not too “girly,” coloring books for grown-ups are the way to go. With intricate designs and manly motifs, these books will help you unwind after a long day and give your brain a workout. So grab some colored pencils and get started on your next masterpiece.

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