The Al Roker Staring Contest

You probably don’t watch the Today show every morning, so chances are you missed it earlier this week when, for no apparent reason, Al Roker froze stiff and stared at the camera with a goofy look on his face for 17 straight seconds. When someone pointed out to Roker that it looked like he was having a goddamned stroke live on the air, he explained that, “It happens all the time. It was a brain freeze!”

That sounded ridiculous to us, but we did some Serious Journalism and discovered he’s telling the truth. Just look at all the examples we found of the goofy weatherman staring at the camera during notable weather events …

roker the perfect storm2 510

roker double rainbow 510 Al Roker

roker roker 5101

roker tornado 510

rocker chris farley 510.jpg Al Roker Al Roker

roker the perfect storm 510

roker the mist shocker 5101

roker tornado2 510

roker the grey 510 Al Roker

roker x men storm 510