Apex Legends Seer Guide

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Apex Legends has been so popular and amazing that it has affected so many other big games in the genre, pro players from different multiplayer shooters have switched to Apex legends and for many strong reasons. I personally feel like it’s the best of its kind.

The most recent development in the game is its 18th most recent character being introduced called Obi Edolasim aka “Seer”. It’s going to take a while for players to fully understand the new character and you just might need to get your Apex Legend Boosted!

However, here is what we have learned so far about Seer, that is going to help you master your new Legend in the game.

Getting Started with SEER

A lot of players left the game out of frustration but if you are one of them or a new player looking for an exhilarating fps game, grab an Apex Legends account because season 10 might just be the best thing that happened to AL. Coming in with Season 10 update, Seer is basically a stealth-based tracker, suited best for perfectly figuring out the enemy’s location and for executing well-planned and baffling ambushes, Seer is best fitted for close to mid-range combat. You need to keep in mind a range of 75-100m when you are choosing your weapons. You could go for a Rampage LMG, Bocek Compound Bow or a G7 Scout.

Seer isn’t really a character to play with when you are looking to cripple your enemy with massive damage or to rain down havoc upon them. Seer is more of a pair of eyes for the whole squad to guide them in the best way possible. Seer is all about helping your teammates by letting them know of all the best opportunities they get during a game to kill their opponents easily.

Seer’s biggest weakness is the sky. Exhibit ceases to track targets once they’ve left the ground for a certain amount of time. A small jump won’t get you off Seer’s radar, but Pathfinder’s Ziplisne Gun, Octane’s Jump Pad, Horizon’s Gravity Lift, and both Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets and Skyward Dive will.

Bloodhound is most probably the best legend to match up with Seer as Bloodhound can first use their abilities to cast a wide net and figure out the general location where enemies are hiding and then Seer can then finally pinpoint the enemy squad’s exact location. The precision of Seer is its biggest friend as well as its enemy, seer has a super precise and narrow area of effectiveness, any legend that can help him quickly move across open areas to reach the more congested spaces where he is at an edge is a worthwhile partner. Pathfinder and Octane are our favorites, but Valkyrie and Wraith would also get the job done too.

Seer’s strongest counter is definitely Mirage. The holographic decoys still get tracked in Seer’s Exhibit even when they don’t really have a beating heart in their chest. If you see a Seer Exhibit, send in a decoy with your two teammates while you can flank him letting the Seer think your two teams are your full squad. Mirage can unleash so much distraction upon Seer’s that you’ll definitely get a few shots before he has the time to react.

But that doesn’t make Seer’s abilities any less deadly, instead a lot of players are already calling Seer the most overpowered legend in the game and I think that is very true. Seer has a lot of abilities that makes him super deadly for the enemies and equally useful for his teammates! And if you are looking for a main, Seer might just be it as long as you figure out the best ways to get control of this guy!