Asteroid Teamed Up With Volcanoes To Destroy Dinosaurs [Study]

Volcanoes Angry That Jerk Asteroid Slammed into Earth Helped Kill Dinosaurs [Study]

Turns out, space rocks and Earth’s volcanoes were in cahoots when it came to eliminating the dinosaurs, according to new research. Another look into what killed T-rex and his tiny arms found that the asteroid that slammed into Earth and killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago also doubled the intensity of volcanic eruptions.

To give it scale, think back to when you displayed your amazing volcano eruption in elementary school — your baking soda, water, vinegar, and food coloring concoction — and imagine doubling that. The mess would have been awful.

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Anyway, the study revealed that the lava flows that impacted Mexico’s Chicxulub crater increased the catastrophe for several ecosystems throughout Earth. How? Welp, those extreme volcanic eruptions sent a mix of sulphur and carbon dioxide dust into the atmosphere. (On the bright side, an impact of that hardcore could have  set off magnitude 9 earthquakes around the globe, but didn’t.)

Many scientists who took part in the study are currently debating about the impact made on Earth years ago. Loÿc Vanderkluysen, a Drexel University student who took part in this study, told The Guardian:

“We’re not debating the importance of the impact at Chicxulub, it was a very traumatic event” and that the “volcanism would have made it very difficult for ecosystems to recover.”


the short of it is, the dinosaurs died. Probably slow, painful deaths for those who didn’t get squashed by the asteroid or get swallowed by lava. And that’s quite the opposite of the ending of the TV series Dinosaurs, which concluded in 1994 …


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