Happy Birthday, William Shatner!

Creepy Trekkie with female Trekkie

We didn’t know there were vampires in Starfleet — and creepy ones, at that.

Trekkie Spock tattoos
Spock on her right breast, that creepy vampire dude on her left, and several sternum piercings. How do you say, “We’re in love” in Klingon? (Just kidding. We know how.)

Hot Trekkie
We’re guessing that once she hit the convention floor, the meaning of this hand gesture quickly morphed from “Live long and prosper” into “Get the hell away from me, nerd!”

Female Trekkies
With enough Saurian brandy and Hazari ale, things could get real weird with these two.

Trekkie Dog
A cardboard-and-beer-can spaceship costume on a dog — yep, just another Wednesday afternoon at the wacky Star Trek fraternity. Oh, you don’t believe there is such a thing? Read on …