Back to samurai traditions: a trend for men’s kimonos

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Men’s home outfit fashion has long abandoned the tradition of wearing tracksuits, old T-shirts or sweatpants at home. Today, men need to make an effort to look trendy and stylish even at home. This is when men’s kimonos from come to the rescue. Here, you can find a wide range of modern Japanese-style clothing.

The kimono is more than just a robe reminding of Asian traditions. It is comfortable clothing that can be worn when taking a rest at home, doing household chores, resting in bed or hosting visitors.

Men’s kimonos are diverse and represented by various types:

· Short items showing off legs

· Long options covering the entire body

· Sets with shorts to be worn at home

· Sets with pants, which can easily substitute pajamas, etc.

Men like both the wide and unique range of kimonos where they can find trendy items with a one-fit-all silhouette, and the possibility to create a one-of-a-kind outfit. Just specify your body measurements by adding a comment and completing a form on the website, and get a kimono that will showcase your manly physique.

What’s more, Kâfemme’s customers can benefit from free shipping to any country of the world.