Ben Affleck Is The New Batman


Ben Affleck will attempt to put 2003’s Daredevel behind him when he steps into the Batsuit for his second comic-book crossover film — the still-untitled follow-up to Man of Steel. Zack Synder will direct, and Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman. The movie will open on July 17, 2015.

Despite mixed reviews, Man of Steele has made more than $650 million worldwide. And after The Avengers made something like $933,872,203,872,323,920.16, of course Warner Bros. had to find a way to merge their super heroes in a similar fashion.

No word on what the story line will be — we’re thinking Batman and Superman go into business together as restaurant owners, or something … — or whether the Batsuit will revive the Bat-Nipples though. One can only hope.

Yep, nipples.