The Best Stadium Bars In Baseball: AL East Postgame Bars

Custom demands that you pay your respects to Fenway icon Cask and Flagon with at least one postgame drink. The insufferable homers at ESPN named it the Best Baseball Bar in America, but other than the grating accents, the Cask and Flagon doesn’t offer all that much that you haven’t seen, before unless you’re a mole person. In which case, you’re going to love Boston!

Backup bar: Operating in what was once a batting-practice room under Fenway Park’s outfield seats, Bleacher Bar lets you leave the game early and still watch the end in person. A giant window with a vista from centerfield gives patrons — including those in the men’s room, compliments of an eye-level urinal turret — a live view of the action. A little gimmicky, yes, but worth checking out.