The Best Beach Towel Ever Made

Avoiding sand at the beach is as impossible as avoiding beer at a brewery. And once you lay your towel down on the sand, you’ve basically guaranteed that you’ll be brushing off sand from your hair, clothes, car, floor, bed, shower, shoes and pets for the next week. Annoying, right? If only a novice inventor/seasoned beach bum could come up with a remedy …

Oh hey, meet Australian-born Baz Brown. He’s created the Sandusa, a waterproof and sand-resistant towel. As discussed in the video (see above), there’s nylon on one side and a cotton-terrycloth blend on the other. That combination prevents water from seeping in and sand from clinging on. Not only that, but you can wrap your gear or bathing suit in it when you’re done, which will keep your car seats dry and virtually sand-free.

The Sandusa has other non-beach uses as well, including serving as an umbrella, a cover for electronic devices during a downpour, and a durable tarp to dispose of dead bodies. Okay, we’re kidding. Never use it in a downpour — only in a steady drizzle.