Best Cookbooks For Single Guys

single guy cook booksA Guy’s Guide to Great Eating: Big-Flavored, Fat-Reduced Recipes for Men Who Love to Eat ($19)

For single men who are passionate about food and would love to prepare it in a jiffy, here’s a cool book. Keep in mind that this is one more book that won’t hone in on your low-fat vegetable-based culinary needs. This one pinpoints your meat-and-potatoes taste buds and focuses on dudes with larger appetites. Take it easy will ya. It’s not like a deathtrap or anything.

Recipes come with highly detailed instructions and complete nutritional analysis, specifically pointing towards the amount of saturated fat that comes with each meal. A Guy’s Guide to Great Eating features 175 easy-to-make recipes that include Smokin’ Chili Pepper Cheeseburgers, Seemingly Sinful Fat-Free Roasted Garlic Whipped Potatoes, Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Pie, Fresh Blueberry Cobbler and more. Naturally, the recipes offer properly sized portions that get 20% or less of their calories from fat.