Best Cookbooks For Single Guys

best cookbooks for single guysA Man, a Can, a Plan : 50 Great Guy Meals Even You Can Make ($15)

It’s quite possible you’ll recognize the ‘Man, Can, Plan’ series of books. This is one of them. The series was kicked off by Men’s Health magazine. The dandy thing is you’ll find a ton of recipes neatly tucked into the pages, most of which can be prepared quickly and easily using common ingredients found in your (or anyone’s) kitchen.

The recipes are presented in any interesting and fun manner, so you won’t feel bored while browsing for your perfect dish. The book is supposedly able to captivate even the most reluctant and no-cooking dude.

So, if you find yourself the be anxious with very little confidence when facing the stove, this book shall forever change your ways and make you a God among men… well, in the kitchen anyway.