Best new Anime series on Netflix


Anime’s popularity is constantly increasing throughout the whole world. The more in-demand anime becomes, the more in-need people are of quality TV shows on the streaming services they know and use. 

As one of the most widely used ones, Netflix has been working hard to bring some of the best anime series to its platform. With long and epic shows like One Piece to short and emotional ones like Violet Evergarden, Netflix has enough anime shows to satisfy everyone’s tastes. 

So, whether you are a seasoned anime fan or just starting your journey, Netflix is a good place to find shows to enjoy. 

Choosing what to watch next can be hard, so be sure to read this article to discover the best new anime series on Netflix.

Record of Ragnarok

We will start this list with one of the best anime series on Netflix, Record of Ragnarok, a show inspired by some of the most well-known mythologies. 

After people caused constant wars and mass destruction, the gods from different mythologies held a council to determine humanity’s future. To stop the gods from wiping all people from Earth, protagonist Brunhilde proposes a tournament where all of the 13 gods have to face the strongest humans in one-on-one combat.

The gods agree. Now, as a representative of the human race, Brunhilde has to find the ones who can defeat the gods and save humanity. 

Tekken: Bloodline 

Tekken: Bloodline is based on the popular game franchise of the same name and pretty much adapts the third installment of the series. 

The show is focused on fifteen-year-old Jin Kazama, who has to rescue his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. To do so, Jin has to confront his estranged father, Kazuya, who knows of Heihachi’s whereabouts.

As the family’s dark secrets are revealed and long-standing grudges come to a head, Jin must fight for his family’s honor and his survival in a series of brutal and intense battles. 

Throughout its 6-episode run, Tekken: Bloodline will undoubtedly capture your full attention.

Vampire in the Garden

Vampire in the Garden was made by the famous Wit Studio and released on Netflix in May 2022. 

Set in a world where vampires and humans coexist in a fragile balance, the story follows a young human girl named Momo who, after losing her family to a vampire attack, is taken in by the vampire queen Fine.

In this touching 5-episode-long story, Momo and Fine set out to find paradise and make the world a place where vampires and humans can live in harmony – free of fear and constant war.

Despite feeling rushed at times (after all, it’s only 5 episodes long), Vampire in the Garden manages to teach acceptance and friendship in an emotionally moving way.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is of the best anime shows on Netflix and, since its release, has become a worldwide hit. Despite being a new anime, it’s already considered by many to be one of the best anime of all time.

The story follows Tanjiro Kamado and his little sister Nezuko, who lose their parents after being attacked by the Demon King. Motivated by this terrible event, Tanjiro starts a journey to become a demon slayer and find a cure for Nezuko, who was turned into a demon. 

This show will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for the siblings in an adventure where they face many obstacles and form strong friendships. 

The upcoming third season will adapt the Swordsmith Village Arc, where we’ll enjoy some epic battles and meet one of the best female Demon Slayer characters: Mitsuri, the Love Hashira.