Best Shampoo for Men: Wavy Hair (2022)

best shampoo for wavy hair

Every Man Jack (11$)

One of the best shampoos for wavy hair is Every Man Jack — it’s a hassle-free, 2-in-1 deal, which means you get both the conditioner and shampoo in one bottle, as opposed to meddling with two separate formulas. The shampoo also demonstrates a pretty solid thickening formula, and most users have been rather pleased with the results. It’s also an awesome choice if you prefer quick showers. The Every Man Jack includes shea butter, wheat protein, soy protein, castor oil and other ingredients. To top it off, the scent you get after you’re done with the shower is refreshing and very manly. So, with this you get a pleasing thickening effect on your hair, in addition to the cool smell. It’s a win-win, really.