Best Shampoo for Men: Wavy Hair (2022)

shampoo men wavy hair

Tigi Bed Head Men Clean Up Shampoo (11$)

The Tigi Bed Head Clean Up for men is perhaps the best solution for guys who prefer the low-frequency wash – say, once a week or maybe even less than that. Bear in mind that this shampoo features lovely sunflower seed and lemongrass extracts, and other cool ingredients that contribute greatly to the strength and natural beauty of your hair. It’s also one of those solutions that gives out a fresh and pleasant post-wash manly scent that is a joy to smell, and at the same time it’s not strong or overpowering in any way (so, yeah you’ll appreciate the subtlety there).

How Do I Wash My Wavy Hair?

When washing wavy hair, start by wetting it thoroughly before applying a small amount of shampoo directly onto the scalp—this helps ensure that all areas are covered without over-washing any particular area (which can lead to dryness). Massage the shampoo into your scalp using gentle circular motions before rinsing with lukewarm water (avoid hot water as this can cause damage).

Once you’ve rinsed out all of the shampoo from your hair, apply conditioner from mid-shaft down towards the ends in order to give those delicate waves some extra TLC! Leave the conditioner in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing with cool water—this helps seal in moisture and keep those waves looking their best!