Arnette Catfish Shades Are Still Amazing Shades For Your Mug

Arnette Catfish New

White-framed Arnette Catfish have been my go-to sunglasses for the past eight years. I own some old-school originals with the OG logo on the side, as well as another pair I picked up after the lenses got scratched to shit. I wore the scratched ones as long as possible —  seeing the road while driving is highly overrated — but eventually bit the bullet and shelled out the $65 for another pair.

I still have the originals and I’m holding out hope that one day I’ll find someone who can make me replacement lenses. Arnette won’t do it. They asked me to send them in and they’d give me a 15 percent discount on a new pair. No thanks.

The differences between the two older pairs of Catfish are, basically, the logo; the newer (top) one looks more, well, modern. Take a look:

Arnette Catfish Logo

Think of the new, new Arnette Catfish ($60-$90 @ like the retro Jordans; modern modifications in either technology or style have been added to fit with the times, or to make them more durable or functional.

The latest Catfish keep the same progressive style the brand has always pushed — oval lenses, sleek arms and frame — but they’re a little bulkier and wider than the originals. You might not be able to tell by the pic, but people with more narrowly-structured faces aren’t going to love the change. Still, the upgrades are enough to push someone like me who has a pair to pick them up.

Arnette Catfish New