5 Weird Things That Cause Constipation

This topic can easily delve into a crass, slang-filled rant. However, clearly we’re more highbrow than that. (Or we’re full of shit — no pun intended. We swear.) So we’ll discuss a few things that hinder your regularity to save you from the awful discomfort of having an enormous, bloated stomach that’s ready to explode.

1. Antidepressants
Your meds might be one of the weird things that cause constipation. Some studies have shown that prescription medications like Prozac and Elavil can make sometimes clogs up the works. So, naturally we’re advising you to skip your medications, right? Not really. However, if it’s an ongoing issue you should ask your doc to give you something that’ll clear your pipes. Natural solutions include adding more soluble fiber to your diet (dried beans, prunes, figs, pears, and oatmeal are all options), exercise, and dandelion tea.

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2. Painkillers
While Percocets and Vicodins are making you feel nice and loopy while you’re on them, they’re also narcotics, which can be tough on the digestive track.

2. Chocolate
Despite having health benefits — dark chocolate, specifically — snacking on too much chocolate can also trigger constipation for people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

3. Diverticular disease
If you’ve never heard of diverticular disease, that’s a good thing because man, oh man, you do not want it. It’s uncommon condition that involves muscle spasms in the colon. You’ll know you have it because you’ll experience severe abdominal pain. Like, the type that’ll make you consider slicing your finger off to numb the pain of your aching gut.

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4. Too Much Iron
It’s an essential mineral your body requires, but taking in too much iron — even iron found in multivitamins — may be terrible for your bathroom habits. If you buy a multivitamin — and some studies say they’re worthless, others say they’re okay — get one that includes minerals, just not iron.

5. Dehydration
Studies show that even mild dehydration can cause your game to slip mentally and physically. However, proper hydration also enables the body’s innards to continue to work fluently. When you want to flush things out — again, no pun — try slugging more water.


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