Video: Meet “The Boobie Painter”

Remember when some dude paid $2 million for a nude painting of Bea Artuhur? We do because we wrote about it (link below). However, we also have the page bookmarked because stare at the portrait before we … workout. Anyway, imagine how impressive that painting would be if it been painting with breasts instead of breasts? YouTube user justmarcey is trying to find out. She’s not out to pain the golden girls, she’s just going to paint with her girls. The self-proclaimed “boobie painter” has — you guess it — replaced brushes for jugs, and sells her abstract paintings on her Esty page.

Also: Some guy actually paid $2 million for a naked portrait of Bea Artuhr.

Her paintings looks exactly like you’d expect a painting that was created with the inexactness of soft tissue instead of an articulate brush with fine bristles to look. Essentially, a vomit of shapes and colors displayed proudly on a stretched canvas. Ah, sorry. We forgot that art is in the eye of the beholder. Here’s an image of her work. You can buy it in her aforementioned Esty store.

boobie painting