How To Make a Winter Emergency Car Kit

Prep Your Car For Winter:

It’s not like you plan to get stranded in your car on a frigid winter night, but shit happens when the weather outside is frightful. A little forward thinking for those types of scenarios can keep you safe and warm. Stashing a few necessities in a duffel bag, like gloves, a hat, wool socks, sweat pants, a hooded sweatshirt, and a handful of energy bars, is a good start. But add these six things to your emergency winter car kit and you’ll be ready to handle everything from a deep freeze to a Rancor attack. width=

CrovelTactical Shovel ($65 @
Whether you need to slice, stab, or dig your way out, the Crovel Tactical — an axe/crowbar/shove hybrid — gives you the option to get the job done. It weighs just three-pounds and contains a saw-tooth edge, solid steel collar, reversible spike, and handle wrapped in 15 feet of Paracord. There’s also a bottle opener, because why the hell not? width=

Black & Decker ampBlack & Decker 25-AMP Charger ($70 @
If your battery craps out, this 25 amp charger might bring it back to life. Complete with an alternator check and a engine start function, this lightweight plug-and-play device keeps its operation simple. And that’s exactly the type of gear you want in an emergency kit. All you have to do is charge it every so often to make sure it’ll work when the time comes. Since it has a four-foot cord, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Also: All hikers should own these 10 things. Period.

 width=Grabber Hand Warmers ($7 for 10 pairs)
If you can’t use your hands in the wild, you’re screwed (assuming you’re not as adroit with grabbing and cutting things with your feet). These hand warmers provide a temperate of 135-156 degrees F for up to seven hours. And if you’re stuck with a hippy who refuses to use products that’ll piss off Mother Earth despite her attempt to freeze him out, assure him that he’s heating up his peace-giving fingers with nontoxic and environmentally safe materials. width=