Bulk Up Muscle Fast: What Actually Works


Wondering how to bulk up muscle all over your body? You’re not alone. Many other gym rats want to Hulk Smash their competition with a bench press bar. 

Still, bulking up fast seems like an unattainable goal to many. While you can’t always overcome your body’s inherent biology, there are several ways to stack the muscle-packed deck in your favor. 

First Reduce Your Cardio

Whoa, you need to stop running? Yes! If you want to bulk up, you need to stop building endurance muscle and start building muscle designed for short, fast bursts of effort.

So, in addition to removing cardio, lower your reps and randomize the number you do each set. Finally, focus on explosive movements.

Don’t worry about gaining weight either. You’ll still be shredded! Your new muscle will burn every calorie you throw its way.

Eat More

There’s that famous saying, “abs are made in the kitchen.” That’s equally as true for the rest of your body! So, if you want bulging biceps and pecs as big as Madagascar, you need to be eating healthily portioned meals.

Now, you shouldn’t be eating a double cheeseburger every meal. You still need to eat balanced and healthy diets filled with the right macro and micronutrients.

Eat 2,000 calories more than your recommended daily amount to build muscle. 

Plan on snacking and eating many smaller meals throughout the day instead of loading up during breakfast and dinner. 

Focus on Eating a Lot of Carbs and Protein

Even though typical rhetoric says that carbs will kill you, they’re essential for explosive activity and heavy lifting. 

If you’ve ever had a pasta feed before a sporting event in high school, then you’ve experienced this concept first hand. The night before an extreme workout, carbo-load to prepare your body to perform at the top of its game. 

Next, bump up your protein intake. Every time you work out, you’re destroying parts of your muscles and asking them to regrow bigger and stronger. If your body doesn’t get the protein it needs, then it won’t be able to, and your muscles will remain the same size (or even shrink). 

This means eating lots of chicken, eggs, meat, nuts, and peanut butter and supplementing. Just think about how rocky would drink raw eggs before his workouts, same concept. 

Add-In Supplements 

Supplements are a non-necessary part of the bulking process, but they can help give you faster results if you need them and better results if you struggle to put on mass. 

The first supplement we recommend is creatine. So long as you consume it carefully and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, creatine will help promote muscle mass in a safe and proven way.  

Next, consider SARMs, which boost your body’s reaction to exercise and encourage muscle growth. SARMs aren’t steroids, but they’re the next best thing if you’re trying to put on muscle mass fast. You can find SARMs for sale here. 

Sleep Responsibly

The #1 best thing for your muscle growth is sleep. You could take every supplement in the world and not see the same benefits you would if you start to get a good amount of sleep. Believe it or not, sleep increases the amount of Human Growth Hormones you make. 

Try to get 7-8 hours each night to keep your body performing as it should.

No More Wondering How to Bulk up Muscle!

Follow these pieces of advice, and you should be bulked up in no time. Even if you end up with ultra-defined muscles instead of massive, head-cracking monster biceps, you should still be proud of the progress you’ve made. At least we know that we’ll be proud of you. 

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