CBD: The Perfect Addition to a Plant-Based Diet

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Two major trends within the diet and wellness industry that have defined the past decade are the growth of veganism and the rise of CBD-based foodstuffs and consumables. They two might not seem linked at first, but a closer look reveals a significant crossover.

Many proponents of plant-based diets also support the use of CBD and cannabinoid-infused products in their diet and wellness regimen. If you operate a business with a specific focus on the vegan lifestyle and vegan diets, here’s why CBD products could be a great addition to your product offering. 

CBD: The ultimate superfood

Those of us who follow a plant-based diet are often faced with the question of how to incorporate the required levels of nutrients and goodness into our daily meals. For this, CBD is a quick and easy solution. One of the reasons why CBD is so popular within the wellness community and as a prescription medicine is that is quite the superfood.

Hemp is one of the few “complete” plant proteins in the world today, making CBD a good addition for anyone struggling to get their protein up in a plant-based diet. Meanwhile, CBD is a hugely rich source of amino acids and B vitamins, the latter of which can aid energy levels – something that many vegans struggle with at first.

CBD is also a very powerful and effective antioxidant, with the US government even attesting to this. By stocking wholesale CBD edibles in your place of business, you can provide a handy nutrient boost to those who are adjusting to a plant-based diet. 

Sustainably sourced, always

It’s no secret that people who follow a plant-based diet are concerned about the environment and the sustainability of our food systems. In fact, sustainability concerns are now frequently ranked among the most popular reasons why millions of people go vegan every single year.

Hemp, a plant that CBD can be derived from, is one of the most sustainable crops on the planet. Hemp is an incredibly resilient and easy-to-grow plant, with most hemp crops replenishing themselves completely three times a year.

Meanwhile, hemp gives back most of the nutrients that it takes from the soil, while also requiring much, much less water to grow than intensive crops such as avocado, soybeans, and rice. This makes CBD a sustainable source of nutrients and vitamins for people who are concerned about the environmental impact of their diet. 

An easy addition to any diet

Another reason why CBD products tend to be popular among vegans is that they are incredibly easy to add to a plant-based diet without any trouble. Many of the most popular wholesale CBD products, such as oils, capsules, and wax, can be quickly added to any dish in an instant.

It is also easy for vegans to choose CBD products that do not alter the smell or the taste of the dishes they are added to. However, for those that enjoy the flavour benefits that accompany many hemp-based foodstuffs, this is also an option. Whatever the palate of your customers, CBD can augment a plant-based diet and help people reach their wellness goals. 

CBD products are popular among many vegans because they are sustainable, highly nutritious, and complement plant-based diets well. Consider these factors when choosing wholesale CBD products for your business.