Roman Swipes vs Promescent Delay Wipes: Which Is Better?

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Hypothetically, if you were to ask men one thing they would change about their sex life, and about one in three of them would say they simply want to last longer in bed.

The fact is, sexual health studies have shown that women last longer than men in bed, and premature ejaculation is a common problem.

No worries, though—men have options when it comes to delaying climax. Even better, these options don’t even require an awkward visit to the doctor for medical advice on a highly personal concern.

Products like Roman Swipes and Promescent Delay Wipes give you over-the-counter access to something that you can use before sex to last longer.

Which one is better? How do wipes compare to delay spray? We took a look at each of the premature ejaculation treatments, the data behind them, and more to help you decide.

What are Roman Swipes?

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Roman Swipes are pre-moistened anesthetic wipes that contain a 4% benzocaine topical solution to numb sensitive parts of the penis before sex and delay ejaculation.

With the sensitive points (such as around the head (glans) and shaft) desensitized slightly, most men can delay orgasm so they can last longer in spite of problems with premature ejaculation.

The 4% benzocaine solution in Roman Swipes is roughly the same potency as what can be found in several familiar, over-the-counter topical products. For example, a lot of creams for bug bites or burns contain similar concentrations of benzocaine.

Roman Swipes benzocaine wipes work, according to research mentioned on the website. A medically reviewed study in 2017 showed the time to orgasm increasing from an average of 75 seconds in the beginning to 5.5 minutes after two months of use.


  • Mostly positive online reviews for Roman Swipes from other users
  • A nice alternative to delay spray for those sensitive to lidocaine or who have trouble targeting spots with spray
  • Anecdotal reports state that Roman Swipes do help most men last longer in bed to enhance their overall sexual performance
  • Available without a prescription from a doctor
  • Has undergone a medically reviewed study for use for premature ejaculation


  • You have to sign up for a subscription to get Roman Swipes directly from the company; some users report subscriptions are not easy to cancel
  • Roman Swipes tend to be more expensive than other brands; a subscription plan is $27 per month billed monthly or $22 per month billed quarterly, which gives you one box of eight wipes per month with free shipping
  • Lower concentration of benzocaine than Promescent delay wipes
  • Not-so long-lasting effects
  • No satisfaction guarantee with your purchase

What are Promescent delay wipes?

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Promescent Delay Wipes are disposable premature ejaculation wipes that contain a 7% benzocaine solution to use on the penis as a local anesthetic.

You simply apply the product to the penis before sex to delay ejaculation and enhance the sexual experience. Promescent is made with a unique formulation that encourages rapid absorption of the topical product.

Compared to Roman Swipes, Promescent over-the-counter wipes are the more recently produced product, and research is still underway about efficacy.

Promescent is a company most widely recognized for its Promescent delay sprays, which are sprays that contain lidocaine as the active ingredient. Delay spray comes in a convenient bottle, which gives you numerous sprays of topical lidocaine to help with premature ejaculation.

However, Promescent is also known for offering well-tested sexual health products and information as a company.


  • No per-month subscription is required for purchase, but a subscribe and save option is available for $18.55 per month for a 5-count box shipped monthly for free
  • Lower cost when purchasing 15-count boxes ($2.66 per wipe)
  • Higher benzocaine concentration in each wipe (7% vs 4% in Roman Swipes)
  • Numerous positive online reviews about how the wipes improve sexual experience
  • Made with eutectic technology to encourage rapid absorption
  • Also available without a prescription from a doctor
  • Longer lasting effects
  • 60-day money-back guarantee with online purchases from the company


  • While Promescent spray has been documented in medically reviewed studies, studies on Promescent wipes is in-progress
  • Promescent wipes are a more expensive option than Promescent delay spray simply because the spray offers more uses per bottle than a pack of wipes

Pro Tip – If money is an issue because you need help with premature ejaculation more frequently, delay spray may give you more uses for the money.

Roman swipes vs Delay wipes

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So, how do the two treatments stack up to control premature ejaculation? Here are a few more questions you may have.

How long do they last?

Roman claims on its website that the numbing effects of Roman Swipes will last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for the majority of men.

Treatment with Promescent’s benzocaine wipes is said to numb the penis for anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

So, while Roman Swipes wipes could work for premature ejaculation for many men, if you want a longer-lasting effect, Promescent is the obvious winner between the two.

In other words, if you just need to last longer during penetrative sex, Roman Swipes may be fine, but if you want to last through foreplay fun, penetrative sex, and potentially your partner’s climax, a Promescent wipe will likely give you prolonged control over climax.

Pro Tip – Delay spray from Promescent can deliver even longer-lasting numbing effects up to an hour. So the spray can be better for men who need more to deter premature ejaculation.

Will they transfer to your partner?

According to the Roman website, the numbing agent won’t pass to a partner’s sensitive parts or mouth as long as you wait long enough for the solution to absorb after application.

According to Promescent, the topical benzocaine will not transfer to a partner, even during oral sex, as long as you wait the allotted time and wipe away any remaining residue on the penis.

So, regardless of whether you pick Roman or Promescent, you should have no concerns about desensitizing your partner before sex with your treated penis as long as you follow the directions.

Pro Tip – If you’re still concerned about partner transfer, simply wipe off your penis with a dampened cloth after the allotted time. The product’s effects will remain because it will have already affected nerve sensation under the skin.

What do real users have to say?

You can find a review or two on either Roman Swipes or Promescent delay products on each company website. However, both products are also easy enough to find in reviews from men across the web because the treatments are so widely available without a prescription.

The Promescent website gives the most extensive collection of reviews from verified buyers, the bulk of which are positive. The only four-star review stated, “Be careful, you can use too much.”

Roman Swipes has a toss-up between positive and negative reviews on Reddit. The biggest complaints with Roman Swipes being that the product simply “didn’t work” or “not worth the money.”

A long-form review on Roman Swipes from one blogger stated that it was more economical for him to just stick with Promescent delay spray instead.

How to use the wipes

Whether you opt for Roman Swipes or Promescent’s benzocaine wipes, the procedure for use is pretty much the same:

  1. Apply – Rub the wipe across the most sensitive parts of the penis, such as around the frenulum, the head, or certain points along the shaft, before sexual activity
  2. Wait- Give the treatment 5 to 10 minutes for the numbing agent to get into the skin of your penis and generate the numbing effects
  3. Enjoy – Enjoy the ability to last longer before hitting your climax point for about 30 minutes with Roman Swipes and even longer after using a Promescent wipe

Pro Tip – If oral sex is on the menu, be sure to wait the full amount of time (10 minutes) for thorough absorption.

Potential side effects

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Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that is widely used in everything from cough drops and oral pain relievers to topical treatments for pain.

While widely used and available without a prescription, benzocaine could come along with a few side effects, even though a negative reaction would be rare. A few side effects to watch for with either Roman Swipes or Promescent wipes include:

  • Stinging or burning
  • An itching sensation
  • Redness or irritated skin
  • Dryness or flaking after use

These side effects may be related to benzocaine sensitivity or an allergic reaction. Also, be sure to make sure your partner does not experience similar side effects after sex, which could mean they are having an allergic reaction.

Beyond the risk of allergic reaction for some people, more loss of sensation than desired is also a potential side effect. This may lead to erectile dysfunction (inability to keep an erection) until the treatment wears off.

In addition, the lacking sensation can mean you are more likely to sustain some kind of skin injury during sex, especially if things get a little rough.

All in all, you could have a negative reaction with wipes, but neither treatment is likely to cause major implications for your health.

Pro Tip – If you do find that you are having a negative reaction to benzocaine, it can be worth trying lidocaine spray instead. While the two agents are similar, some people are more sensitive to one over the other.

Wipes vs Delay Spray – What’s the Difference?

One reason most men like using a wipe instead of a delay spray is because you can easily pinpoint specific points with no problem.

Sprays can hit parts of the penis you don’t necessarily want to be desensitized if you’re not careful. So, while delay spray is a good option because it is efficient for premature ejaculation and sprays work quickly, benzocaine wipes can be a little more convenient.

The general process of application with Promescent spray is relatively the same: Apply to the penis with a spray or two before sexual activity, wait, and enjoy. Either treatment can be effective for premature ejaculation, and you can find ample positive reviews from men for both product types.

Wipes work, but sprays work just as well, so which one is best is more a matter of preference than anything.

We would like to add these words here: Besides the wipes, there are many ways that can help to prolong your pleasure and make your sexual life brighter. One of the good solutions is using different sex toys with your partner so she can get proper foreplay. You will be interested to read the information about the best vibrating butt plugs for great anal sex.

Pro Tip – Consider delay spray at home for personal use when masturbating to build stamina and wipes for sex on the go.


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To sum up the takeaways on Roman Swipes versus Promescent wipes, Promescent appears to be the clear winner between the two.

While both products contain the same numbing agent—benzocaine—Promescent actually has a higher concentration and longer-lasting effects when it comes to desensitizing the penis.

Pricing between the two brands is comparable, although Promescent is a bit cheaper and does not require you to have a subscription just to get their products. Roman, on the other hand, does require a subscription, which some reviews claim is hard to cancel.

Most men find both a Roman and Promescent wipe an effective, no-fuss solution to help with premature ejaculation. And, the effects are not likely to affect your partner with the proper use of either. You simply open a package, use the wipe, discard, wait, and enjoy. Nevertheless, most men will also find that the “enjoy” step lasts a bit longer with Promescent than Roman.

If you’ve tried Promescent Spray with lidocaine for premature ejaculation, using a Promescent wipe with benzocaine can be a desirable option just the same. Unlike sprays, a wipe is small, portable, discreet, and just as effective for many men.

Without question, Promescent’s climax-delay products, such as lidocaine sprays in a bottle and benzocaine in a wipe, may help control premature ejaculation. So pick your product and find out just how much you can up the ante on every sexual experience.