What’s The Cheapest, Best Way To Shave?

Gillette Mach 3 vs. DSC 4X
For $8.59 plus $5.23 for shipping (that varies depending on where you live), you can pick up a Gillette Mach 3 handle and two blades. Add 12 replacement blades for $25.69, which works out to a cost-per-blade of $2.75. That should last you roughly 10 shaves, which means a cost-per-use of $0.28, and $4.13 monthly. The DSC 4X features a contoured handle with rubber grips, and it uses heads that sport four blades. The cost-per-month is $6, which includes shipping and four blade changes. Expect them to last about eight shaves. DSC also offers an every-other-month delivery option, which provides most guys with enough blades. Choose that, and the cost-per-blade works out to $1.50, with a cost-per-use of $0.18.

No offense to the Mach 3 — razors have feelings too! — but the 4X outperforms it and supplies a super-smooth finish. Of all the razors we tested, the 4X intuitively felt like the best all-around value, especially if you can stretch that membership to every other month.