Chinese Lucky Numbers: How And Why are They Used in Gambling


Chinese lucky numbers are a part of countless superstitions surrounding gambling as an activity. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Chinese Lucky Numbers: Decoding The Myth

When it comes to Chinese lucky numbers, there is a reason why many gambling sites use numbers in their names. These names derive from lucky numbers in China and supposedly bring success and good fortune to the gambling company.

For example, one company that uses the number 2 in its name is 22Bet. This name was inspired by the lucky Chinese number 2. In China, setting up decorations usually takes place in pairs. The number 2 represents harmony and germination.

This same Chinese design exists on 22Bet’s website, but it is the number two that is most important. Additionally, this gambling operator is not the only site that does it. A closer look at the most popular lucky numbers in China may help you understand the names of other betting websites.

Each Chinese Zodiac sign has a lucky number or combination of numbers. This aspect can help with the naming of specific sites. Each name requires careful consideration and luck plays a vital role in the gambling industry. Regardless, you should remember to get well-informed before placing any bets and ensure you win as a result.

Examples of The Most Famous Chinese Lucky Numbers

Number 8: Numerology is a significant reason why the number 8 is considered the luckiest in Chinese culture. The way you pronounce the number eight sounds similar to “Fa,” a Chinese word that means “make a fortune.”

Because they believe that it will bring prosperity and wealth, Chinese people also use the number 8 for their phone numbers. People will pay top dollar to get anything related to the number 8.

Number 6: Pronounced “Liu,” this number simply means to do everything well. This number could be a sign of luck or merely a person who lives a peaceful life.

Number 9: This number is a trendy lucky number, especially in Beijing. Number nine symbolizes longevity and eternity, something that everyone aims to obtain.

In Beijing, the Forbidden City had 9,999 rooms. Lovers can send 99 or 999 red roses. The Chinese culture’s luckiest number is also the subject of the hit song “99 Red Balloons,” making nine particularly popular when it comes to Chinese lucky numbers.

Unlucky Numbers in Chinese Culture

Lucky numbers are plentiful in Chinese culture. Their existence speaks to the positive energy and feelings that the culture has. However, the numbers 4 and 14 are the most unlucky in Chinese culture.

Number four is unlucky because it sounds similar to “Si,” which in Chinese means death. Because it contains the number 4, fourteen is considered unlucky. If possible, you should attempt to avoid these numbers.

You can infer that if the name of a gambling company has the number 4 or 14, it likely means it didn’t consider Chinese culture when choosing the name.

Gambling Dos’ According To Chinese Culture

Apart from Chinese lucky numbers, some behaviors also exist as jackpot-winning tips or tricks that bring good luck.

For example, you should use the bathroom to relieve yourself after a losing streak or a poor period of play. According to the Chinese, the best way to end a bad stretch is by going to the toilet. This act will clear out the body of any bad ju-ju.

Additionally, the color red is considered lucky. It is not uncommon for gamblers to wear red underwear. Wearing such underwear will reportedly improve your luck and financial success.

Chinese Gambling Superstitions

Common gambling beliefs state that there is a baby ghost at every casino table. You can give it sugar secretly to turn luck in your favor. This belief is the same as saying lucky mantras and offering prayers before playing. In other words, you can help yourself by providing any kind of donation.

You’ll often notice countless people carrying notebooks to casinos in China Town. These notebooks serve to record previous winning numbers. Players rely on luck and generally search for patterns and trends. This theory is popular among the Chinese, and they use it every day.

Gambling Donts’ According To Chinese Culture

Whether or not you’re into Chinese lucky numbers, you should avoid gambling with other Chinese players at the casino.

Also, you should not enter the casino through the main entrance but find another access point, such as from the lobby of the restaurant or hotel. To enter the front door is considered bad Feng Shui.

While playing, do not touch anyone’s shoulder. Touching the shoulders is a bad idea. Bad luck is guaranteed when you feel this part of any gambler’s body, meaning you should keep your hands to yourself.

Bonus Chinese Gambling Superstitions

Avoid Books at All Costs

Chinese people don’t like words that sound unlucky. In Chinese, the term “book” sounds like “lose,” so hearing it is considered unlucky. Chinese gamblers also consider it unlucky to look at or carry books.

Location, Location, Location

Aside from Chinese lucky numbers, Feng Shui is a popular choice for Chinese gamblers. This ancient philosophy supposedly brings good luck.

The MGM Grand at one point had to change its entrance because it had previously required customers to walk through the mouths of lions (actually under their chins, but close enough) due to bad mojo for players from Asia. This casino is a famous example of how vital Feng Shui is to Chinese gamblers.

Post Gaming Hand Washing

Washing their hands after a session at the casino can help Chinese gamblers. According to Chinese superstition, hand washing can help turn around a losing session. Conversely, engaging in this activity is an absolute no-no if a player is winning. It could cause bad luck.

No Pre-Gambling Sex

Chinese men believe that having sex before gambling is bad luck, so they do everything possible to avoid engaging in it before going to the casino.

All Things Red Are Favorable

Red is a color that represents happiness and good fortune to the Chinese. This color is the Chinese symbol of joy and good fortune. Red is everywhere on the Chinese New Year and other holidays. Chinese gamblers believe that wearing red underwear at the casino will bring good luck, even for those who don’t buy into the luck-attracting properties of Chinese lucky numbers.