Mobile Casino Strategies

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People gamble for one thing: fun and enjoyment; it’s often more about the rollercoaster ride than the amount won or lost (within reason). That being said, a key catalyst for that fun is staying up for as long as possible and being careful not to lose big. One way you can maximize your chances of winning is by implementing strategies while you play.

1. Choosing a Casino

If you’re gambling on your phone, you should pick a site that’s optimized for mobile gaming. It’ll enhance your user experience and minimize the chance of any annoying bugs or glitches that can ruin your gameplay. This mobile casino guide outlines the best casinos for a mobile experience. Pay attention to the very important RTP statistic. This shows you how profitable the casino pay-out is on average – the highest RTP statistic is 97.23%, which means that you will on average get 97.23% of the money you put in back.

2. Go for Strategy Games

Some games are designed to entertain you and, if that’s all you’re looking for, there’s no problem just sticking to games like slots. However, if you are looking to enhance your chances of winning, you should go for a game where a strategy can decrease your losses. This isn’t particularly possible with slots, but games like blackjack and poker have ways that you can play the system a bit.

Some of these ways, like card counting or just becoming excellent at poker, require a lot of time and effort. If you’re looking for a strategy to implement quickly, certain charts can increase your chances. For blackjack, a hit/stick chart will be able to guide your decisions in each situation whereas, in poker, a starting hand chart will show you which hands you should bet on and which hands you should fold.

3. If You Love Slots, Go for Advertised Slots

If you just love playing slots and don’t want to play strategy games – that’s fine, it’s all about your experience and enjoyment. You should still be smart, however; look for advertised slots – the games that the casino is pushing quite strongly. You will tend to get a high pay-out percentage on these slots guaranteed, which is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Make sure you only go for guaranteed higher pay-outs, however – if a slot says, ‘up to’, it’s not definite at all.

4. Let Go of Superstitions

Slots tables were born out of a particular psychologist’s theories: B.F. Skinner. He observed how animals would keep clicking a button and getting rewards even if they got rewarded a very low percentage of the time if that reward was given randomly. Apart from this, he also observed that those animals, even pigeons, could be superstitious about the behaviour that could give them rewards. Don’t be a pigeon! Let go of all your superstitions when you’re gambling, they will only hold you down and stop you from minimizing your losses. These superstitions can include beliefs that a machine that isn’t paying out soon is due to pay-out, as well as lucky numbers, colours and days of the week.