12 Cool Things For Retro Gamers

video game retro controller


Remember the days where you would stand in line at your local arcade and feed the Mr. Pacman machine your week’s allowance? (We’re not talking to you, Millenials). Well, video games have come a long way since then. First, Super Nintendo and Sega introduced 16-bit graphics, richer storylines, and an influx of complex new characters and gameplay options. Life couldn’t get any better! That is until Playstation and Xbox hit the scene and BOOM! Video games did, in fact, get much, much better.  

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But newer and better doesn’t mean that we retro gaming fans have to be left out. Some people might say we’re stuck in a time warp. Or that we’re out of touch. And they might be right, but it could also be that we simply know what we like. And we like retro video games. And for those of you, like us, who also dig the retro games, we’re willing to bet you’ll enjoy these cool retro video game inspired products as much as we did …


Nintendo Switch ($300)

The Switch’s ability to go from a standard gaming device that hooks up to your TV to a mobile one, simply by removing the joysticks and attaching them to the 6.2-inch touch screen tablet, makes this innovative new console one of the hottest on the market right now. And it’ll trigger nostalgia, too, with exclusive new games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild (and more) and a huge amount of Nintendo classics that you can download. The standard edition of the console is going to cost you 300 bucks, but for a little extra, you can get the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller ($70).